As a collective, we appear to be in the middle of a cultural and technological revolution. A world of constant stimulation and information saturation has been created; these rapid advancements and environmental changes have influenced the way we live life, in many ways being detrimental to our psychological and physical health. To assist with combating these possible negative effects, Naturmend offers one-on-one meditation self-connection sessions. This unique body & mind rediscovery approach is designed to guide & support you through physical & mental practices; to take time out of your day to mindfully sit, breathe, and allow the long standing effects to trickle down into other areas of your life.

Using a plethora of modalities, including mindfulness, meditation, yoga, & qigong, each session is tailored to your individual needs & capabilities. Sessions booked regularly at Naturmend will allow our Meditation Consultant to lead you through longer and lovingly guided sessions filled with both movement and stillness. These will be followed by recommendations of personalized practices to experiment with independently in between sessions, in order to receive the maximum benefits derived from a consistent practice.

Meditation can look a number of different ways. Each sit may look and feel completely different from the previous one and the one to come next. Letting go of the expectations of meditation is key. Sessions with Jess will allow you to establish your own personal practice that will work for your routine and your life.

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Modalities Used in Self-Connection Sessions:

  • Meditation

    In her words: “The act of intentional non-doing, connecting to your breath, as regularly as possible.”

  • Yoga

    In her words: “An ancient Indian practice and a way of life; including gentle and supported physical postures, breath work, meditation techniques, and invitations to live a yogic life in all that you do.”

  • Mindfulness

    In her words: “Being present in the moment, non judgementally and wholly, no matter what the moment is. A daily meditation practice and a way to live life, moment by moment.”

  • Qigong

    In her words: “Qi meaning energy. Gong meaning work. A traditional Chinese medicine practice, timing breath with gentle movement to stimulate the qi flowing through the body.”


Bring peace back into your everyday life.

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