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Mike Viani

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Mike Viani

Osteopathic Kinesiologist

Mike is an Osteopathic Manual Therapy student at the Canadian School of Osteopathy in Vancouver. Fascinated by the complexity of the human body and how it works, Mike explored different avenues within the health care field before finding osteopathy. For Mike, the principals on which osteopathy was established resonated with him, and the idea of treating the WHOLE body only made sense.

The principals of osteopathy:

  1. The body is a functional unit: The human body is the sum of all its parts. Optimal function cannot be expressed if any one system is in dysfunction.
  2. The transportation of fluids and the efficient communication of the nervous system are absolute: Restriction to any fluid mobility or dysfunction to the signaling of the nervous system are of primary concern.
  3. Structure governs function; function governs structure: The body is incredibly efficient at compensating around dysfunctions, for example, damage to the low spine will alter the tension in the muscles of the low back and limit the mobility as a protective measure. Over time, the soft tissue properties may change, causing the loss of its elastic properties causing rigidity in the surrounding tissues. Functionally, the nerves that innervate the organs in the abdomen pass through the injured structure and they too become impacted, affecting the function of different systems in the body.
  4. The body possesses the ability to auto-regulate and self heal: There is no better defence to pathogens than our own immune system. Restoring health and function helps to keep the self healing abilities of the body running efficiently.

In addition to his osteopathic training, Mike has an extensive background in athletics and holds a Bachelors of Kinesiology from University of Calgary. Mike has trained with clients ranging from elite athletes to post-surgery rehabilitation. His true passion lies in aligning his osteopathic treatments with each individual’s goal for the betterment of functional movement and fitness in their day to day life.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with Mike, please contact us or book your appointment online.

Please note that Mike is a Registered Kinesiologist and a current student of Osteopathic Manual Therapy (CSO – Vancouver). The services provided are NOT currently billable under osteopathy. Please contact your coverage provider and ask if they will cover Kinesiology services.