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Megan Hoffman

Registered Dietitian

My passion is strongly rooted in my belief in the power of nutrition for optimal health and wellness. In a world where there is so much nutrition information, supplements and diets; people really need a source that they can look to and trust. I believe in a whole-food approach and creating and fostering a healthy relationship with food through mindful eating practices. I think many of us struggle with this and often look at food and categorize it into separate groups; fats, carbohydrates, proteins, calories or points… and so on and so forth, the list goes on. I believe it is important to get out of this mindset and get back to the basics of how food nourishes our body and mind, how it makes us feel and how it can keep our bodies strong, healthy and young if we are putting the right things into it. I do not believe in promoting any certain eating patterns and believe that each individual needs to decide what works best for them, in their bodies and in their lives.

Knowledge is power so my passion lies in educating my clients on their health and their bodies functioning (physiology) which empowers and motivates them to make the changes to achieve better overall health and wellbeing.

I have always had an interest in wellness and healthcare and that is what attracted me to the study of nutrition. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science; Nutrition Major and completed my dietetic internship to receive my Registered Dietitian designation in 2015 from the College of Dietitians of Alberta (CDA). After graduation I worked in a community hospital setting predominantly in the area of diabetes management and found the system in which I was working in and trying to help my clients was very disconnected, thus not allowing me to truly help these people. I was frustrated and wanted a greater understanding of nutrition and its role in the body, so I enrolled in an online program called Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training (NEPT). This has given me a greater depth of understanding of the hormonal imbalances in the body and how nutrition can be used to bring it back into balance. It has also introduced me to the practice of integrative healthcare and the more holistic view it takes to truly help people with their healthcare challenges.

I am excited to be working alongside different practitioners that can offer their expertise into the other crucial components of optimal health such as sleep, stress management, digestion, hormonal balance, movement and so much more. It is not possible to just look at one piece and just work there, we must look at the body as a whole system and address the multiple issues that could be affecting your health. It is a journey and involves a lot of self exploration and learning but you must start somewhere, and I would love to help you with this.

Balance is the key to health; our bodies are our vessels through life, and we must take the utmost care of them. I would love to see you and help you on your journey and help bring balance to your life so that you can really enjoy life and the time you have here on this beautiful earth.

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