Practitioner Info

Lindsay Hardman

Phone: 403-457-3205

Lindsay Hardman

Inventory Coordinator

At Naturmend, you will see me helping patients at the front desk, managing the inventory, and helping the clinic to run smoothly. It inspires me to work alongside a team who is equally driven to being the best version of themselves, and serving the general public.

What brings me fulfillment is personal growth; getting comfortable being uncomfortable is something I continually strive for. I spend a lot of my time researching and I’m currently training to become an acupuncturist, while also working on my breathwork facilitator training. I am trained in Kaula Tantra yoga, which I received from Durga’s Tiger school. Studying in the fields of holistic health and wellness is an endless passion. When the body feels good, the mind follows – so I prioritize breathwork, the philosophy of yoga, and the power of a good cry.