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Jess Veltman

Phone: 403-457-3205

Jess Veltman

Meditation Consultant; currently on Maternity Leave

Jess is a certified meditation practitioner specializing in guiding you to help your mind and body find harmony through individualized sessions specifically tailored to you. She is multi-discipline trained in qigong, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. Prior to being a consultant with adults, she worked as an early childhood educator including working with at risk children. This experience helped her to understand the development of the brain at a critical time when deep rooted patterns are developed. Understanding human nature from this perspective offers deep insight into how we approach and receive the world around us.

Specializing in a unique approach designed upon years of research and practice, she aims to guide you into taking time out of your busy day to re-discover your body and your mind. The objective is to guide you in learning a variety of techniques and practices to help manage the over stimulus of your world, to assist you in finding a sense of inner peace, calm and clarity. She’s here to support you in learning how to begin or deepen your meditation practice.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with Jess, please contact us or book your appointment online.

“I authentically honour myself in the beauty of the present moment, holding space to spark the light in others.”