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Christina Sutter

Phone: 403-457-3205

Thurs: 10am-3pm
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Christina Sutter

Registered Provisional Psychologist

The benefit of understanding and developing ourselves can truly not be understated, which is one of the reasons I am passionate about helping individuals focus on what is important to them. My therapeutic focus is working with adolescents, adults, and couples to provide empathy, compassion, and acceptance on the path to change. I specialize in clinical psychology with a variety of focuses including anxiety, depression, trauma therapy and coping skills. I also specialize in sports psychology working with athletes, coaches and parents, to assist with self esteem, goals, and coping skills.

My therapeutic approach is centered on building a safe and trusting relationship with my clients as a foundation for effective and lasting changes. I focus on powerful insights which enable clients find answers within; helping each client to create practical strategies which can be implemented to create meaningful change.

I believe your fit with your therapist is crucial to success in counselling. I provide counselling and coaching to my clients from a place of caring and commitment to my clients goals and concerns. My aim is to help you discover opportunities for change and growth.

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