Meet the team


Our team of committed health professionals work to inspire people to live the healthiest lives possible. From Naturopathic Doctors to Psychologists and Holistic Nutritional Consultants, we're here to help you make the most informed decisions about your personal health care.

Dr. Meaghan McCollum

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Meaghan’s mission is to inspire others to higher levels of health and wellness by sharing the simplicity of natural medicine and the profound results it yields. Learn more...

Dr. Sarah Kent

Naturopathic Doctor; currently on Maternity Leave

Dr. Sarah Kent blends traditional knowledge with current scientific understanding to generate wellness within her patients. Dr. Kent specializes in naturopathic sports medicine. Learn more...

Dr. Ludovic Brunel

Naturopathic Doctor

Ludo is an exceptional naturopathic doctor with strong clinical skills grounded in scientific knowledge. He has extensive experience formulating supplements for several advanced nutraceutical companies. Learn more...

Dr. Jenny Schmidt-White

Naturopathic Doctor

My practice focuses on family health and wellness, healthy aging for men and women and optimizing fertility and hormone function. Learn more...

Dr. Nadia Mawji

Naturopathic Doctor
Fellow in Integrative Cancer Therapies

Dr Nadia Mawji values the individuality of her patients and promotes unique plans to help her patients optimize their health. Dr Mawji focuses in chronic immune health & disease, integrative oncology, and general family naturopathic medicine. Learn more...

Karyn Zuidhof

Calgary Psychologist

Authenticity. This is what I’ve been told I do well. I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect, and nor do I want you to. Life is messy, let’s wade through some of the mess together. Learn more...

Lucinda Flavelle

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Our registered clinical counsellor Lucinda Flavelle specializes in parent consulting and coaching, individual psychotherapy, and couples counselling. As a result of therapy, you will find yourself relieved of the burdens you were carrying, confident in your new way of being, and with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose about your life. Learn more...

Dr. Travis W.M. Cox

Functional Medicine Chiropractor

Although being a proponent of gentle upper cervical techniques, like NUCCA, for his headache and neck pain patients, Dr. Travis enjoys providing multimodal care including Active Release Technique, full spine adjustments, ANF Therapy and Activator protocols. Learn more...

Ralitza Alexandrov

C.H.N.C. Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

I believe that nutrition, exercise, a mindfulness practice and a sense of humor ruled by gratitude are the cornerstones of a healthful, purpose-driven life. The body is a wonderful intuitive barometer and if we give it the right tools. Learn more...

Meaghan Sichampanakhone (Gallant)

Holistic Skin Specialist & Clinic Manager

Health, wellness, and holistic living has always been an important part of Meaghan’s life. Through her training techniques and her knowledge of natural health and body products, Meaghan is proud to combine her understanding of the holistic industry into personalized care of your skin. Learn more...

Jen Ruel

Wellness Advisor & Marketing Lead

Jen has always been passionate about taking a holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes in bringing a sense of balance into every part of life, and that the combination of proper nutrition along with simple and consistent lifestyle shifts can bring endless benefits. Learn more...