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Holistic Nutritional Counselling

Here at Naturmend, we use a holistic view of nutrition. Holistic nutrition is the modern natural approach to developing a healthy balanced diet, taking into account the person as whole. Holistic health is an approach to treating a person’s well being by taking into consideration all aspects of life.

The goal of holistic nutrition is to facilitate and support a health plan to build a strong foundation for long term optimum health.  Our dietary needs are as unique as each individual. The key to understanding your unique dietary needs is tuning in to the feedback your body gives you, fueling your body accordingly, and building your dietary foundation on real, whole, minimally processed, quality foods.

Holistic Nutrition can:

  • Help you become aware of how what you eat impacts your heath
  • Help you build a diet with a foundation on real, whole, natural and organic foods
  • Help you address the role of supplements to support a nutrition plan
  • Help you support a long term sustainable lifestyle for health and vitality


Nutrition services at Naturmend include:


We provide Personalized Nutrition Plans:

  • Overall health and vitality – Eat well, feel well…when you give your body the fuel and nutrients it needs it responds by providing you with energy, improved sleep patterns, balanced moods, glowing skin, balanced weight….the benefits are endless
  • Food sensitivity/allergies – Learn to enjoy foods that work for you, not against you. Just because you may have food sensitivities you don’t have to feel deprived of the enjoyment of food. Learn how to make the adjustments necessary to alleviate sensitivities and allergies
  • Weight management – Get off the diet/quick fix roller coaster. Whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, learn to understand what your body needs to get to its optimal state-for good.
  • Digestive disorders – Learn how your digestion, and ability to absorb nutrients directly impacts your health. Learn simple tips to improve or enhance your digestion so that you get all the great nutrients out of the foods you eat
  • Hormonal balance – Hormones are catalysts for all types of reactions andchanges in our bodies. Learn how what you eat directly effects these powerful reactors in our bodies and how you can help manage and support hormonal harmony, resulting in overall improved health and vitality
  • StressStress comes to our lives in many forms and our ability to manage it is crucial to optimal health. Learn how to properly support your body to ensure stress doesn’t lead to chronic health problems, as well as how to prevent stress through nutritional support
  • Athletic Performance – For an athlete, performance and energy are of utmost importance. Learn how to fuel your body for optimal performance and support regeneration with “premium fuel” based on whole super-foods, and appropriate supplementation
  • Pregnancy During pregnancy there is an increased demand on the body, physically, emotionally and mentally. It is necessary to properly support both the vitality of mother and child through optimal nutrition
  • And more…it is based on YOU!

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Did you know that we are one of the few Naturopathic clinics in Alberta that offers quality Integrative Naturopathic Oncology Care? Click here for more details on integrative cancer care at Naturmend.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this website should be considered strictly for what it is: a source of reliable information on medical topics. We hope it can help you make informed decisions and bring you to discuss health and therapy options with your health care provider. The information contained in this website should never be used to self-diagnose or self-treat. Medicine should be personalised and it is impossible to cover every single possibility with general information. What is good for one person may be dangerous to another. A qualified health care professional should ALWAYS be consulted in order to pose a correct diagnosis and before starting a therapy. Failure to do so can be hazardous to your health.