Package Deals

Our clinic utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to support our clients through their own personal health journey. We believe that optimal health is achieved by addressing the whole person, including physical body, mind, and spirit.

Our thoughtfully-curated packages are an extension of this belief. Combining sessions with a variety of practitioners allows each client to receive well-rounded care and attention to their personal needs.

In addition to maximizing each person’s individual care, our package options also offer a significant cost savings for those who are looking to see multiple practitioners.

With options including naturopathic medicine, counselling, nutrition, physical therapy, meditation and more, there is a package for everyone. Questions? Please contact us.




Choose the perfect package for you

  • Mind-mend

    A bundle designed to de-stress and support mental wellness with a focus on brain health and mental & emotional wellbeing. This bundle combines naturopathic and psychology or clinical counselling services to support your journey to a healthy mind.

    What’s included:

    Total investment: $615

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  • Spirit-mend

    Unwind, de-stress and reconnect with yourself. The Spirit-mend bundle blends a visit with either our psychologist or clinical counsellor and with our  meditation consultant. These sessions will leave you feeling heard, supported and equipped with a tailored meditation practice to help you stay grounded.

    What’s included:

    Total investment: $250

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  • Body-mend

    The body-mend bundle is all about healing the physical body. You’ll meet with a Naturopathic Doctor, our Holistic Nutrition Consultant and our Osteopathic Kinesiologist to tailor a treatment plan and self-care plan for your needs.

    What’s included:

    Total investment: $400

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  • Meditation

    Reduce stress levels & get started with an at-home meditation practice with the help of our Meditation Consultant. Using a variety of modalities, Jess will work with you, where you are right now, to create the perfect daily practice for your routine and your life.

    What’s included:

    • 1 hour initial appointment with Meditation Consultant, Jess Veltman
    • Two 30 minute follow up appointments with Jess
    • Personalized guided meditation recording

    Total investment: $199

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  • Acupuncture

    Created for existing patients looking to experience the benefits of a regular acupuncture routine, this bundle combines 6 treatments which can be completed at any time. Facial acupuncture option also available.

    What’s included:

    • Six 30 minute acupuncture treatments with Dr. Nadia Mawji, with the option of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture or Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

    Total investment:

    • TCM option: $594
    • Facial Rejuvenation option: $756


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    Please note that an initial naturopathic acupuncture visit must be completed before purchasing this bundle.

Are you interested in purchasing one of our packages? Contact us or give us a call at 403-457-3205 for more information. We also offer free 15 minute consultations with any of our practitioners.