Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is an oxidative therapy used as an antimicrobial treatment as well as to support cancer care. Ozone treatments help to eradicate bacterial, fungal and viral infections and also have anti-tumour effects. The idea behind ozone therapy is that the oxidative processes that ozone induces in microbial and cancer cells, is too high for those cells to tolerate in high amounts. As a result, these cells are killed from oxidative stress. Ozone treatments also enhance circulation, strengthen the immune system and help to stimulate your metabolic capacity.

Ozone can be administered intravenously, by injection, or administered topically via bagging. Ozone bagging is beneficial for diabetic foot ulcers, wide-spread infection and burns, as it allows the wounds to be directly exposed to the ozone. For cervical cancer, ozone can be administered vaginally to target dysplasia on the cervix. Ozone can also be administered rectally in order to kill non-beneficial bacteria leading to disease.

Conditions supported by this therapy:

  • Chronic Infection
  • Circulatory and Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Part of naturopathic integrative cancer care plan
  • Ulcers, Burns, herniated discs

Prolozone injection: Ozone can be added to a prolotherapy injection for added healing benefits.
Note: There is a screening process conducted by our Naturopathic Doctors trained in Ozone therapy to ensure this treatment is the right for you.