Integrative Naturopathic Oncology

Naturmend is one of the few Naturopathic clinics in Alberta that offers quality integrative naturopathic cancer care.
Naturopathic cancer care integrates conventional medical strategies and naturopathic integrative therapies for assessing, treating and managing cancer diagnoses. Integrative oncology research and its clinical applications to patient cases is already flourishing in hospitals and medical centres across the globe for decades.

Benefits of integrative oncology:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduction in the risk of recurrence
  • Reduction in side effects from chemotherapy and radiation
  • Increased efficacy of cancer treatments
  • Targeted therapies (oral, intravenous and other) have a direct impact on tumour cells at the molecular level.
  • Integrative, safe and effective medicine. Our naturopathic doctors are officially trained in integrative oncology and therefore are sure to not recommend any agents that would reduce the effectiveness of conventional medical therapies.

Naturopathic oncology treatment options at Naturmend include but are not limited to the following therapies:

Dr. Nadia Mawji, ND is a Fellowship in Integrative Oncology Candidate who practices at Naturmend. She works with oncology patients and their specialists to create an individualized plan that will best suit patients needs. 
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