Laboratory Testing

Our Naturopathic Doctors do various types of diagnostic testing at our clinic including food sensitivity, blood, stool and urine testing. Conventional blood testing can also be ordered for you by our doctors through Alberta Precision Laboratories. Please note that since naturopathic services are currently not covered by Alberta Health Care, there is an additional fee for this service.

For detailed pricing information, please visit our fees page.

As part of our Naturopathic services we offer the following advanced lab tests:

  • Food Sensitivity Testing (IgG)

    Are you dealing with unexplained skin rashes, acne, bloating, constipation, fatigue, mood swings and more? Food sensitivities may be at play. The food sensitivity test we offer is an in-house lab test that requires a finger poke blood collection method. It determines immune response (IgG) to a variety of common foods. The body’s response to various foods is rated as non-reactive, low, moderate or high. Targeted gut healing treatment, meal plans and a food re-introduction schedule will be used in conjunction in order to provide permanent relief of symptoms and get you feeling your best again!

  • Hormone Testing

    There are several methods of hormone testing that are useful in a variety of situations. Depending on your health concerns we can choose from salivary, serum (blood) or urine hormone tests. We do this type of laboratory testing in situations such as menopause, PMS, irregular menses, PCOS, fertility issues, stress, loss of libido, unusual hair growth patterns, bone loss, and more. We use one or a combination of these tests to determine your hormone levels and help you get back to balance.

  • Adrenal Function Testing

    We live in a fast-paced culture and are expected to work hard, long hours at work and at home consistently. Over time our ability to adapt to stress becomes compromised leading to symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain/loss, inability to deal with stress, feeling like you ‘can’t cope’, cold body temperature, high or low blood pressure and more. Through salivary hormone testing we can evaluate levels of stress hormone throughout the day and develop a treatment plan to rebalance stress hormones.

  • Intestinal Permeability

    This test aims to demonstrate if there is any permeability to the gut lining, found in certain health states. Intestinal permeability or leaky gut can lead to inflammation, the development of food sensitivities and a compromised immune response.

  • Hydrogen Methane Breath Test (SIBO)

    This test captures gases in your breath to determine if the wrong microorganisms are in the wrong part of the digestive track. This take-home test will assess for methane & hydrogen sulfide gases that are correlated with the presence of certain bacteria. This information is important to focus treatment on eradication of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

    Digestive complaints are one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. Diarrhea, constipation, IBS, and malabsorption issues are some of symptoms commonly experienced. Comprehensive stool analysis evaluates the presence of parasites, digestive and absorptive abilities. A take home test where stool is collected and sent to the lab to screen for opportunistic pathogens and assess for digestive and absorptive functions. Through this evaluation your naturopathic doctor will develop a treatment plan unique to you.

  • Urinary Organic Acids

    A great test to evaluate metabolic markers to determine if there are blocks in metabolic pathways. This is great to determine functional nutrient status, oxidative stress, detoxification ability, mitochondrial function, methylation function as well as look at markers for intestinal bacterial and yeast overgrowth.

  • Standard and Advanced Blood Work

    We regularly run standard bloodwork through Rocky Mountain Analytical for each patient that evaluates thyroid, liver, kidney, complete blood count, cholesterol levels, and electrolytes. We also offer advanced blood work to evaluate inflammation in the body, risks for cardiovascular health, advanced thyroid evaluation and more.


Please note that an initial naturopathic visit with one of our naturopathic doctors is required before doing any type of lab testing at Naturmend. Contact us for more information or book your next appointment online today.