The Keto Challenge
Back by popular demand yet again!

Feel amazing this spring!

Join Holistic Nutrition practitioner Ralitza Alexandrov (C.H.N.C™) for this guided 6 week Keto Challenge! This challenge is designed not only to help you lose weight sustainably but also learn how incorporate a mindful approach to eating and choosing the best food for a healthy, fuelled life.

There are so many benefits to Keto: higher energy levels, balanced hormones, banished sugar cravings and improved digestion and brain function. Keto can be intimidating to start on your own and Ralitza is committed to making sure you are supported the whole time. Take steps to learn how your interactions with food may be undermining your body’s innate need for balance and health. Step by step, supported at every turn, this is a great way to have your healthiest season yet!

Fat is your friend

Fat has been demonized over the past few years and as a result many people have turned away from this absolutely crucial nutrient. There is new research showing that fat is vital for so many functions – from hormone regulation and weight management to brain cognition. The misguided theory that fat makes you fat has been shown to be untrue. The idea of the Keto diet is to change the way your body burns energy. Classically, our bodies will dip into sugar storage for energy use before anything else because it’s easy. Keto alternates the fuel sources to fat. On this diet the average percentage of fat intake is approximately 70% of the calories, with 10% approximate carb intake. To learn more about the Keto diet and why it works click here.

Who is this challenge for?

Everyone and anyone who is new to keto!
If you are feeling stuck in your quest for long-term weight loss, are experiencing low energy, lacking motivation and looking to get your health back on track then this challenge is for you. If you’re tired of eating mindlessly and watching the weight and unhappiness creep up, this challenge is for you. Even if Keto is something you’re just interested in trying, this challenge is also for you. The best part is this challenge and the corresponding meal plan is perfectly customizable to you. What do you want to achieve for yourself health-wise this year? Let Ralitza help you get there!

What’s in it for you?

  • Small intimate group setting (max of 15 participants). Together we will goal set and share our successes & struggles.
  • One individualized 60 minute initial holistic nutrition appointment (Value: $150.00)
  • One individualized 30 minute consultation halfway through to troubleshoot together.(Value: $80.00)
  • 2 Keto related seminars (Monday, May 6th – Introduction to Keto; and Monday, June 3rd – Continuing Keto Safely (seminars will be held at Naturmend and will start at 6:30pm)
  • Two BIAs – one at the start and one at the end of the challenge (Value: $50.00 per appointment)
  • Your own personalized 2 week meal plan, with customized macros according to your needs
  • Recipe book
  • 15% off supplements at Naturmend (1 time use only)
  • Unlimited 24/7 support from Ralitza
  • Private Facebook group for all challengers
  • A deeper understanding of the effects of fats, protein and carbs on your body
  • Prizes and snacks. Because who doesn’t love prizes and snacks?

Your investment: $289 and a willingness to see change!

It all starts May 6, 2019. Are you ready for the challenge?

Visit us in store or contact us at 403-457-3205 to save your spot. Hurry, space is limited! Have questions? Contact us.