Genomic Medicine

Genomic medicine, although not new in some branches of medicine, is now being used to target general health. It’s an emerging field that allow doctors to interpret your personal genetic information to help guide their clinical decisions. This field was expanded upon the work done with MTHFR genetic variations. Thanks to genetic testing, we now understand many more genes involved in the function of the MTFHR genes.

Designing medical recommendations that are specific to your unique genetic make up is about as personalized as you can get with medical care. The challenge is in finding a skilled practitioner who can interpret a combination of different genetic information in the context of your current health condition. Our doctors have advanced training in genomic medicine to help you achieve your health goals.

This branch of health care can be used to act preventatively for future health, but also is extremely useful in many different health conditions.

Conditions Genomic medicine can help with:

  • Anxiety/ Depression
  • ADHD
  • Autism/ Aspergers
  • Fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Hormonal concerns – PCOS, Thyroid conditions, cortisol imbalances,
  • Migraines
  • Fertility / Prenatal care
  • And more…

Your genes are not your destiny

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of genomic medicine is in realizing the fluid nature of gene expression. Our environment, emotions, and diet all affect how our genes are expressed. By tapping into this effect, known as epigenetics, we can influence genetic expression and promote health as much as possible.