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Reiki 101

Wednesday October 28, 2020
6:30pm | Online

The spookiest thing you can do this month is mismanage your energy!

Join Ralitza Alexandrov, Usui Reiki Level III and Holistic Nutrition Consultant for a free 30 minute seminar on Reiki on Oct 28th at 6:30 pm.

Bring balance back to your life and rejuvenate the mind/body/spirit axis with Reiki. Have you ever wondered about Reiki and its benefits? Are you looking for a gentle way to encourage more balance, joy, peace and calm in your everyday life? Join us for this fun and informative chat about Reiki and all that it encompasses.

In this session will cover the following topics:
· What is Reiki and what can it help?
· What is the experience like?
· How do I prepare for my session?
· What can I expect to experience?
· Question and answer period.
· Zen ending (optional, if time permits) – a gentle meditation to encourage flow and play will be provided at the end.

Join us for this TREAT of an event!

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