Clinical Counselling

Hands on a table in clinical counselling sessionOur registered clinical counsellor, Lucinda Flavelle, specializes in parent consulting and coaching, individual psychotherapy, and couples counselling.

Sliding-scale discounted rates are available for clients who do not have extended health insurance for Registered Clinical Counsellors. For detailed pricing information, please visit our online booking page. Package deals are also available; find more information here.

Parent Consulting and Coaching

Unmet emotional needs in children often result in troubling behaviours. Most parenting difficulties can be greatly relieved by a focus on a child’s emotional needs. If we look underneath a child’s behaviour and attend to the emotional roots, unpleasant behaviours tend to fall away, and children naturally fall into step with their parents.

In parent consulting and coaching, you will be offered psycho-education on children’s developmental and attachment needs, an understanding of the positive contributions of tantrums and crying to the development of resilience in children, and 5 tools you can use to reduce challenging behaviours.

You will experience greater confidence and satisfaction about your parenting, and your children will flourish.

Individual Psychotherapy

Emotional distress that results in anxiety, depression, and addictions can be relieved through psychotherapy. In psychotherapy, we attend to the unconscious and the relationship between mind and body.

The unconscious speaks through dreams, images, and symbols. Carl Jung believed that we develop psychologically throughout our lives in a process he called individuation. Individuation is a process of transformation where the conscious and the unconscious of the individual become integrated into a well-functioning whole.

Traumatic experiences (i.e., events that overwhelm our emotional capacity to process them) can cause changes in the brain and disruptions to our nervous system. Traumatic events can occur at any time in our lives; from adverse childhood experiences such as early abandonment or the birth of a sibling, to serious illness, divorce, or a death in the family. Healing from traumatic events involves creating new neural pathways and re-regulating the nervous system.

Becoming aware of our unconscious plays a key role in restoring our psychological wholeness. Healing trauma releases us from re-living traumatic events over and over, from nightmares, and from dissociation. Optimism, resilience, and new possibilities unfold as a result.

Couples Counselling

Difficulties in an intimate relationship can be viewed as part of the struggle for psychological growth and wholeness in each partner. Couple relationships evolve through a set of normal developmental stages, stages that mirror the natural developmental stages of young children. For a variety of reasons outside the control of young children, early development and attachment styles can get stuck at one stage or another. The same level of stuck-ness can show up again in adult intimate relationships.

In couples therapy, we address the stuck-ness, understand the couple’s attachment styles, help the partners tolerate differences, teach repair, practice relationship skills, and learn about the brain and the role of the fight/flight/freeze response in relationships.

Issues that can be helped by this approach include conflict, hostility, dependence, avoidance, and infidelity. Couples therapy can help break long-standing painful patterns between the couple and deepen intimacy in their relationship.

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