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Why Sleeping is Important For Your Brain

Our brain is an amazing organ and one we seldom think about. The brain is part of our central nervous system and responsible for receiving information, interpreting the information and directing the body in responding to this information. We take for granted the complexities of this amazing organ... Continue Reading

the liver and its emotions

The human body is a unit of three systems: the physical, the physiological and the psychological. There are still lots of unknowns as to how these systems interact with each other, but it is clear that they do. As seen in "the important of the liver from an osteopathic perspective" the liver plays... Continue Reading

guest blog: 5 ways to detox your life

Everywhere you look, there are signs of Spring and life. The snow is melting, showing glimpses of green grass and sprouting leaves on the trees. The hats, gloves, boots and winter coats are being replaced with brightly coloured light jackets, dresses, even a few sightings of shorts and flip... Continue Reading

Oil pulling: 3 easy steps

Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years. It is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that involves swishing a raw organic oil that has bacteria fighting properties through the teeth which will essentially be pulling toxins out of the mouth and into the oil. Not only that, but oil pulling also... Continue Reading

healthy tips for the holidays

The holidays can wreak havoc on many aspects of the human body and psyche. By the time we notice the exhaustion, anxiety, and possible weight gain, it's January, and we try to undo what we could have prevented from the beginning. Try to make this year different by following a few simple guidelines... Continue Reading

5 simple ways to cleanse

Cleansing or detoxification involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxins and improve elimination of them.  And let’s not forget that cleansing can also be the process of eliminating harmful emotions, thoughts or attachments! Cleansing can be really helpful as we move... Continue Reading

parsley & cilantro pesto on trout recipe

Looking to incorporate some trout into your diet, but don't know how? Why not try this delicious trout recipe, created by one of our fantastic naturopathic doctors, Dr. Sarah Kent? In addition to the benefits reaped from trout, the parsley and cilantro pesto in this recipe will aid your body's... Continue Reading

dr. sarah’s homemade natural deodorant recipe

It's Environment month at Naturmend, a time to bring attention and movement towards making our environment healthy.  What better environment to cover in this week's recipe then that of you armpit - full of its own bacteria, moisture and uniqueness.  Given the importance of of your daily exercise... Continue Reading