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A Mini Meditation Offering and A Couple Snack Recipes

Hello again! Jess, Naturmend’s meditation consultant, here today on the blog. I hope that you are all holding up okay during these uncertain times of isolation and physical distancing. It’s been quite the journey for us all, individually and collectively, and I hope that you have all... Continue Reading

recipe: summertime popsicle

It's summertime, school’s out and Calgary didn’t flood - lots of reasons to celebrate. These two recipes are a great alternative to unhealthy sweets. They contain no added sugars, only pure fruit. If you have kids or a bit of a sweet tooth yourself, try these very healthy popsicle recipes for... Continue Reading

recipe: summertime antioxidant mango salsa

During the summer months when things get a little hotter, I enjoy sweeter fruits and cooler salads and salsa. And nothing goes better then the sweetness of a mango with the spiciness of a red onion. Not only is this recipe the perfect combination of sweetness and spice, it is loaded with powerful... Continue Reading

recipe: classy summertime salad

This easy and scrumptious salad is perfect on a warm sun filled summer evening. Best served after a joyous city wide bike ride, by someone you love :) Ingredients 2 Pork chops 2 cups broccoli florets 1/2 apple, sliced 4 strawberries, sliced 1/2 cup blueberries 4 cups of mixed greens Olive... Continue Reading

4 common chemicals lurking in your sunscreen

Nothing beats a day in the sun! Whether its on the beach, a city walk, or a few rays shining in your window. With the right protection, we are able to fully enjoy these happy summer days. By adulthood, we are usually pretty secure in our knowledge on how to protect ourselves from harmful UVA/UVB... Continue Reading

summertime watermelon cake – paleo and gluten free

It is summertime finally, and everyone is gathering for BBQ’s, patio parties, and family events. With this beautiful weather that is finally upon our swamped city, the last thing you want to do is stay inside and bake a cake for a get together. Even more so, the last thing you want to eat is a... Continue Reading