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Great Tips for Healthy Living

Concrete Steps in Preventing Chronic Disease

The greatest health challenge currently faced by Canadians is the ever growing burden of chronic disease. The management and prevention of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer has become essential for the welfare of our society. Prevention is... Continue Reading

Treat Yo’self : Learn to limit your carbs

There has always been a big emphasis on carbohydrates in the diet. It makes sense considering that most of the best tasting foods are the highest in carbs.. sweets, starches, pasta and bread. ALL of the breads.   Whether we are talking about the quality or the quantity, the North American... Continue Reading

5 Simple Keys to Optimal Health

It's very easy to get caught up in the over complicated information on the internet about health and wellness. Having optimal health is actually really simple. You can feel incredibly good, happy and satisfied by sticking to a few key rules. Make these five tips a priority and you'll never have to... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Ditch Your Diet this Christmas

The spirit of Christmas generally encourages us to spend, eat, drink, be merry and engage socially with those we love, like and some times even those we find it difficult to be around. Basically a lot generally goes on over the holidays and most of my patients return to see me in the New Year heavy... Continue Reading

Five way to support your Liver during the holidays

It is well established that alcohol is tough on the liver. It is also well established that many people drink larger quantities of alcohol during the holiday season. The liver must break down alcohol to help the body metabolize and excrete it, so we know it's working extra hard during these times... Continue Reading

Does milk really do a body good?

Those milk mustaches may look really cool, but it may be time to look more closely at the long term health effects of milk. A recent Scandinavian study showed that drinking milk may be damaging for your bones and your health overall. This is only one of a number of studies indicating that milk may... Continue Reading

Your Immune System on Sugar

You may not need more reasons to avoid sugar but if so, here’s one more. Sugar drives inflammation and chronic inflammation is not great for a healthy you, in particular your immune system. Sugar, especially refined sugar, is devoid of nutrients and can actually be depleting, as nutrients are... Continue Reading

sugar addiction: 5 steps to break your sugar habit

Many chronic health conditions are, in my opinion, caused by the over consumption of refined sugars. I've spend a considerable amount of time in my practice convincing patients to cut sugar out, whether it's for weight loss, anxiety, depression, stress, high cholesterol and more. Cutting sugar out... Continue Reading

the mystery of carbohydrates

Whether you have a love or hate relationship with carbohydrates, the word itself can invoke an emotional response of some kind in most of us.   We have been told that they are good, bad, or just plain ugly. So what is actually true? Let’s break it down Without going into too much detail,... Continue Reading

how to prevent a hangover

With summer come patios, parties, and weddings. With patios, parties, and weddings come alcohol. And it's all fun and games until the next morning, when you're shaking your head and swearing to yourself you'll never drink again because your hangover is so bad. After a night of drinking, vitamins... Continue Reading