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Healthy peanut butter balls for the win

Here's a must-try recipe for healthy peanut butter balls. Try these guys as a delicious snack throughout the day to keep the blood sugar stable and the taste buds happy! Ingredients: 1 cup of dates (pitted and soaked / drained) 1/2 cup of natural peanut butter 1/4 cup of tahini 1/2 cup... Continue Reading

Mint Oat Bars

A kid and adult friendly snack for on the go. Leave out the maple syrup for those trying to avoid sweeteners. I love the minty flavour of these oat bars which gives this sweet snack a refreshing quality.  I hope you enjoy! Ingredients: 2 cup rolled oats 3/4 cup ground flaxseed 1/4 - 1/2... Continue Reading

The ALL DAY salad

Stay healthy and lose weight with this simple recipe! The all day salad! order to save time, get my greens and feel great I often do the all day salad.  Essentially I make a very large salad full of my favourite things and eat it for snacks, lunch and dinner if I'm working late. I don’t... Continue Reading

Just a snack

Sometimes I crave a snack that I can sip on, has a little bit of sweetness and is light. So I’ll make a smoothie sans protein powder since I don’t like how smoothies with protein powder taste if they are consumed immediately after making. I’ll keep this little snack in the fridge at work and... Continue Reading

Full Fat Mid-Day Snack

A little bit of a change of pace, my diet of choice currently is now KETO (high fat, low carb). With SIBO restrictions as well, still being very cautious about which carbs I consume and avoiding starch and grains completely. Obviously sugar is already out of the question, except for the odd... Continue Reading

Paleo Steak Roll

These are simple and delicious paleo snacks that you could serve as a meal or cut up into slices and give out as appetizers! Gluten free/ Dairy free/ Sugar free/ Paleo Ingredients: 1 wrap for each person Coconut based Paleo Tumeric Wraps (Found at Amaranth) 3 tbsp Guacomole for each wrap (mix... Continue Reading

Summertime Layered Jar Salad

What’s the deal with mason jars anyway? WELL, the biggest reason is that plastic is awful! Doesn’t matter if it is “BPA Free” or not. Plastic is plastic and it is made out of dangerous toxins. Those chemicals leash into whatever you are storing and can have potentially detrimental health... Continue Reading

Banff to Jasper Energy Orbs

A tasty treat that helped fuel some runners and support people pre-race, while racing and post race! Note – eating while exercising is a personal experience meaning only you and your Gut will know what works. Always practice before a race to see if you need calories or energy and in what form... Continue Reading

recipe: My-O-My Olive & friends tapenade

Ingredients for tapenade recipe 1 can (375ml) pitted black olives, liquid drained Sundried tomatoes ½ of 210ml jar (oil & tomatoes) 3 green onions, picked fresh from your garden 3-5 garlic cloves, bonus points if from organic local garden 1 plump tomato picked fresh, of course Extra... Continue Reading