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Summer Rainbow Salad

Long, beautiful sunny days are finally upon our bustling city and as always with them comes the magnetism towards fresh, colourful salads. I’m always telling my clients to make ‘rainbow’ salads; challenging them to achieve as many colours as possible on their plate. In the summer months this... Continue Reading

Vital Smoothie!

Need to make sure you’re getting your vitamin C? Supporting your detoxification pathways? Keeping up your hydration? Do all of this with this busy smoothie as you fend off allergies, cold and flues in the beautiful weather this spring! How? Blend your fruits / veggies and herbs and take it in as... Continue Reading

recipe: raw coco & nut cups

I have to say that I am terrible at measuring things out! When I'm creating new foods I usually just wing it, throwing in ingredients I think will work and not really weighing or measuring. I find that it makes the turn out more exciting. I'm sure that this method isn't great for turning kitchen... Continue Reading

Oil pulling: 3 easy steps

Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years. It is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that involves swishing a raw organic oil that has bacteria fighting properties through the teeth which will essentially be pulling toxins out of the mouth and into the oil. Not only that, but oil pulling also... Continue Reading

recipe: easy, flavorful, full fat egg

Following my recent blog post discussing the importance of balanced fat in your diet (the skinny on fat)  and considering my passion for breakfast here’s a great recipe to try.  This is a quick recipe that will keep you satiated and well fueled throughout the day. Details Makes: 1 Time... Continue Reading