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3 Relationship Tips you can Use with Anyone

There is tons of great advice and tips on how to improve the relationship with your significant other, and while they are great to use with them, these can also be applied to just about anyone you come into contact with – including friends, coworkers and strangers. Here’s 3 tips you can use... Continue Reading

Embrace the Process

We’re into the beginning of February, and it’s a great time to check in on everyone and their New Year’s resolutions. Regardless if you are knocking it out of the park, or your resolution hasn’t gone any farther than the words you whispered to yourself with the hope of a fresh slate for the... Continue Reading

Weight Loss for Life

Weight loss seems to be an undying concern. There is often a new weight loss fad and our society is constantly sending us messages telling us what we should look like, with just as many gyms and diets offering to help  us get there. The same individuals might find themselves trying the latest and... Continue Reading