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Savory Protein Breakfast

As a follow up to my blog Ditch the Breakfast Cereal, here is a delicious, filling breakfast alternative to try out. This breakfast recipe is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and sugar free. Ingredients 2 Slices gluten free, egg free, vegan nut & seed bread. Follow this recipe.... Continue Reading

getting to the heart of the matter

According to the heart and stroke foundation, in 2008 alone, 29% of all deaths were related to cardiovascular disease (CVD). In fact every 7 minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart disease or stroke (Statistics Canada, 2011c).  What is sad about these numbers is that Heart Disease has been... Continue Reading

5 easy rules for long term health

There is always a reason why eating poorly is easier. We are busy and we live on a certain budget so cheaper and faster options are appealing. For these reasons, poor nutrition has become the source of the majority of our health problems. Proper nutrition is a key factor for your long term health... Continue Reading

recipe: homemade coconut macaroons

Major props to my sister who passed this recipe along to me. These are absolutely wonderful treats! Ingredients 3 egg whites pinch of sea salt 1/4 shredded coconut 1/4 Raw honey or maple syrup Optional: 1 tbsp coconut oil  & Cacao Nibs       Method Preheat oven to... Continue Reading

Recipe: Banana Sandwich

As I mentioned in a previous blog my roommates and I have been on a cleanse that involves no sugar, gluten and dairy. Well let me tell you we have been dying for desserts! We'd settle for anything at this point. Luckily my sister helped me stumble upon these tasty treats to get us through to the... Continue Reading

Book Review: WomanCode By Alisa Vitti

Recently I was recommended this book, WomanCode by Alisa Vitti because of its simple, to the point information regarding the phases of the menstrual cycle. As this is a confusing subject for me I jumped on the suggestion and was overjoyed when I quickly finished the book and finally understood why... Continue Reading

energizing breakfast smoothie recipe

Feel like changing up your morning breakfast? Need to pack in some extra nutrients before your busy day? Here is my own special energizing breakfast smoothie recipe, that is both delicious and chalked full with nutrients to start your day off right! Here's what you'll need: 1 banana Handful of... Continue Reading

detox recipe: raw overnight chia pudding

This detox recipe for raw overnight chia pudding recipe is not only detox approved in fact, it’s detox promoting! This can be credited to the exceptionally high amounts of soluble fibre, omega 3 and antioxidant content from chia seeds all which are necessary to help assist the body with... Continue Reading

the connection between sleep and the liver

Naturmend's Holistic Nutritionist Tracy Thiessen shares her own personal story about the connection between sleep and the liver she has recently made this spring. Since being woken up at the same time every night , Tracy suspected her body was trying to tell her something. By taking  a TCM... Continue Reading