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5 Simple Ways to Strengthen your Sperm

Sperm are living cells that require 2.5 to 3 months to mature and are influenced by the environment in which they develop. Knowing what might hinder and what might enhance their growth helps to understand what should be avoided and what should be optimized in a man’s environment for strong... Continue Reading

Re-Fresh Weight Wise Smoothie

Lighten the load on your gastro intestinal system with this smoothie packed full of flavor and nutrients. Perfect if you want to take a break from heavy meals or aren’t feeling like a big lunch. Good to use as a palate pleaser for any eating patterns that may be troubling you as described in Why... Continue Reading

recipe: lemon “cheese” cake bites

This is a recipe sent to us from a Naturmend follower! Thanks for your participation and support. These are dairy free, gluten free, egg free and refined sugar free! CRUST: ¾ cup raw pecans, walnuts or a combo of the two. ½ cup shredded unsweetened coconut 8 dates pitted 2 twists from your... Continue Reading

4 common chemicals lurking in your sunscreen

Nothing beats a day in the sun! Whether its on the beach, a city walk, or a few rays shining in your window. With the right protection, we are able to fully enjoy these happy summer days. By adulthood, we are usually pretty secure in our knowledge on how to protect ourselves from harmful UVA/UVB... Continue Reading

keepin’ it cool vanilla rooibos blueberry iced tea recipe

Summer is pretty here and we all have patios, BBQ's and backyard parties on our minds.  At the first sign of sun, we are craving a cool, refreshing beverage.  Skip out on the sugary iced teas and try serving this natural vanilla rooibos blueberry iced tea recipe at your next party or get... Continue Reading

carla’s coconut sugar body scrub recipe

Nothing looks and feels better than healthy, glowing skin! Our skin is our first line of defence, which is a big job for those hard working cells. Nothing says appreciation like a little TLC! Carla's Coconut Sugar Body Scrub recipe is loaded with skin quenching vitamins and is so easy to make that... Continue Reading

dr. sarah’s homemade natural deodorant recipe

It's Environment month at Naturmend, a time to bring attention and movement towards making our environment healthy.  What better environment to cover in this week's recipe then that of you armpit - full of its own bacteria, moisture and uniqueness.  Given the importance of of your daily exercise... Continue Reading