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Why We Gain Weight

Weight loss and January, like gluten free bread and butter, right? Often at the beginning of a new year patients discuss with me the desire to lose weight, to manage their eating and maintain a size that makes them feel great and healthy. Patients are generally looking to feel good first and look... Continue Reading

recipe: easy, flavorful, full fat egg

Following my recent blog post discussing the importance of balanced fat in your diet (the skinny on fat)  and considering my passion for breakfast here’s a great recipe to try.  This is a quick recipe that will keep you satiated and well fueled throughout the day. Details Makes: 1 Time... Continue Reading
Thankful beoynd the holidays

4 ways to be thankful beyond the holiday

  I am not well versed in the exact history of thanksgiving.  I do know however, that it was originally a celebration of the bountiful fall harvest.  It is the symbol of the turning of the season, a time where vegetables are abundant, a time for feasting…a time for overindulging and... Continue Reading