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Fatty Oatmeal Breakfast

Fill your belly on a rainy summer day with this comprehensive complex carb oatmeal breakfast loaded with good (and plentiful) fats! Make plenty to save for breakfast on the go throughout the week because prepping is the key to good eating habits! Serving: 4 Time to make:... Continue Reading

Spring Clean Up

If you are like me, spring comes along and you find that impulse to shake off the dust from your belongings, your environment and in your body! Here’s some no fuss tips on doing the spring clean up … which are for the most part free!! Drink water. Almost all your metabolic processes require... Continue Reading

Love Your Lungs with Nebulized Glutathione

Nebulized Glutathione Glutathione (GSH) is a very important antioxidant in the human body, helping to fight oxidation. When oxidation balance outweighs antioxidant stress, disease and poor health can manifest. Dr. Mark Hyman, MD calls it "the mother of all anti- oxidants, the master detoxifier and... Continue Reading

Just a snack

Sometimes I crave a snack that I can sip on, has a little bit of sweetness and is light. So I’ll make a smoothie sans protein powder since I don’t like how smoothies with protein powder taste if they are consumed immediately after making. I’ll keep this little snack in the fridge at work and... Continue Reading

Vital Smoothie!

Need to make sure you’re getting your vitamin C? Supporting your detoxification pathways? Keeping up your hydration? Do all of this with this busy smoothie as you fend off allergies, cold and flues in the beautiful weather this spring! How? Blend your fruits / veggies and herbs and take it in as... Continue Reading

recipe: juice pulp muffins

Everyone knows how much I love to juice in the summer months (see: my juice cleanse adventure). It is refreshing, energizing and down right delicious. Especially because it's easy to let your diet swagger and allow yourself a few too many patio drinks to get a hold of you, so making juicing part of... Continue Reading

Summer icy-smoothie

Post workout in the heat of summer deserves a cool version of your glycogen filing protein smoothie.  Blend this within 20min of your workout and eat right away to ensure you get some cold refreshing flavours.   Ingredients 2c frozen mixed berries 1/2 frozen banana (frozen... Continue Reading

recipe: summertime antioxidant mango salsa

During the summer months when things get a little hotter, I enjoy sweeter fruits and cooler salads and salsa. And nothing goes better then the sweetness of a mango with the spiciness of a red onion. Not only is this recipe the perfect combination of sweetness and spice, it is loaded with powerful... Continue Reading

Chia in a jar

We've all had those days when we wake up only to discover we need to be out the door in 5 minutes and haven't prepared food for the day. Trying to incorporate healthy eating into a busy schedule can sometimes be traumatic. This recipe literally takes 3 minutes to put together and throw in your bag.... Continue Reading

5 great breakfast ideas (dairy free, gluten free, egg free, sugar free)

Often when I’m helping people with diet, I get the question: “what will I eat for breakfast?”. Sometimes we are just trying to reduce sugars in their diet or we are removing some common allergens such as dairy, gluten or eggs. With no sugar, dairy, gluten or eggs it's hard to come up with... Continue Reading