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SIBO friendly Simple Pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite pie out there. Being on a restricted diet means normally I can’t ever enjoy a dessert at family dinner. This year I decided to break that pattern without breaking any SIBO rules. And may I just say that non-SIBO dieters also enjoyed my healthy pie. *it’s a... Continue Reading

Black Bean Salad

I’m loving the sunny days we’ve been having, and sunny days always make me want to reach into my recipe box for fresh, tasty salads. This one is loaded with colour and flavour!   Black Bean Salad 1 can (19oz) black beans 1 can (14oz) corn 1 cup grape tomatoes 1-2 cups chopped red,... Continue Reading

Eating For Your Genes

Sound scary? Targeted nutrition for your genes, is this possible? Are you imagining a taking a pill a-la Jetson’s - the futuristic method of getting nutrients? No, I’m talking whole foods! How to get the building blocks of healthy gene expression is also mostly achievable whilst working on your... Continue Reading

Romancing the Meal!

Three examples of easy meal re-invention made simply and quickly Find the romance in your meals this month! Valentines day is at the heart of February, inspiring us to spice things up, to find the sensual in the ordinary and to re-stoke the love within and around us. I say we pour this sentiment... Continue Reading

Guest Blog: How to Juice in Fall and Winter

It’s October and that means that the cold weather is officially here to stay. If you haven’t already, it’s time to say goodbye to shorts and sandals and say hello to your winter coat, scarf and gloves. You may think that, because it’s getting colder, you should also say goodbye to juice... Continue Reading

recipe: juice pulp muffins

Everyone knows how much I love to juice in the summer months (see: my juice cleanse adventure). It is refreshing, energizing and down right delicious. Especially because it's easy to let your diet swagger and allow yourself a few too many patio drinks to get a hold of you, so making juicing part of... Continue Reading

Summer icy-smoothie

Post workout in the heat of summer deserves a cool version of your glycogen filing protein smoothie.  Blend this within 20min of your workout and eat right away to ensure you get some cold refreshing flavours.   Ingredients 2c frozen mixed berries 1/2 frozen banana (frozen... Continue Reading

recipe: summertime popsicle

It's summertime, school’s out and Calgary didn’t flood - lots of reasons to celebrate. These two recipes are a great alternative to unhealthy sweets. They contain no added sugars, only pure fruit. If you have kids or a bit of a sweet tooth yourself, try these very healthy popsicle recipes for... Continue Reading

recipe: summertime antioxidant mango salsa

During the summer months when things get a little hotter, I enjoy sweeter fruits and cooler salads and salsa. And nothing goes better then the sweetness of a mango with the spiciness of a red onion. Not only is this recipe the perfect combination of sweetness and spice, it is loaded with powerful... Continue Reading

10 easy ways to support your hormones

Hormone health isn't just about the estrogen/ testosterone in your body. Your endocrine system is made up of a number of different glands and tissues including the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands. Your pituitary is located in your brain and is deemed 'the master gland' because it sends... Continue Reading