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What is the #1 Superfood?

What is a “super food”? And, no, they aren’t the foods that superheroes eat. Though if you eat them they may increase your chances of increasing some healthy functions of your body (just not to the extent of being supernatural!). Superfoods are foods that have an exceptionally concentrated... Continue Reading

Just a snack

Sometimes I crave a snack that I can sip on, has a little bit of sweetness and is light. So I’ll make a smoothie sans protein powder since I don’t like how smoothies with protein powder taste if they are consumed immediately after making. I’ll keep this little snack in the fridge at work and... Continue Reading

Raw Chocolate Bark

I snagged a previous Naturmend Raw Chocolate recipe and added my own twist. I love adding different flavours and textures with fruits, nuts and seeds to my chocolate. Ingredients 1 cup cacao butter 1 cup cacao powder A few tsp your preferred sweetener to taste (agave, maple syrup, honey,... Continue Reading

Full Fat Mid-Day Snack

A little bit of a change of pace, my diet of choice currently is now KETO (high fat, low carb). With SIBO restrictions as well, still being very cautious about which carbs I consume and avoiding starch and grains completely. Obviously sugar is already out of the question, except for the odd... Continue Reading

Recipe: Chocolate Christmas Cheer

Try this amazing chocolate recipe to deliver a hit of taste bud loving flavors to those who love sweets. This recipe is also acceptable when following a paleo – principle diet and therefore also gluten and dairy free (when substituting coconut oil for butter). Another good reason to eat this... Continue Reading

recipe: Dr. Brandy’s effortless raw chocolate

Dr. Brandy James made this indulgent raw chocolate for Naturmend's Open House on June 21st 2014. This recipe is super simple and absolutely heavenly. Furthermore it is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, refined sugar free and nut free (if you so choose).   Ingredients cacao butter cacao... Continue Reading

paradise protein snacks

Featured at our Open House June 21st 12-5pm. Please come down and taste for yourself!   Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, NUT-FREE!!   These delightful treats are great desserts, packed with nutrients, antioxidants and energy they can also be used as a pre-workout or just... Continue Reading

guest blog- chocolate roots

Local business owner of Zimt Artisian Chocolates, Emma Smith offers some insight from her recent trip to Ecuador and has gracefully offered to write for Naturmend. Thanks Emma!   Having recently taken the opportunity to travel to Ecuador and meet the farmers and processors, my eyes were... Continue Reading

recipe: raw coco & nut cups

I have to say that I am terrible at measuring things out! When I'm creating new foods I usually just wing it, throwing in ingredients I think will work and not really weighing or measuring. I find that it makes the turn out more exciting. I'm sure that this method isn't great for turning kitchen... Continue Reading