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The Analysis of a Headache

Many of my patients come to see me with complaints of headaches, along with other aches and pains. The diagnosis of the cause of a headache can be tricky.* Here are the most common types of headache I see in my daily chiropractic practice. Tension Type Headaches This is one of the most common... Continue Reading

Sex Positions for Back Pain

As a doctor of chiropractic I get asked a lot of questions about how to handle activities of daily living while experiencing back pain.  The question I rarely get asked is, ‘How do I continue to enjoy sex while I have low back pain?’  Low back pain can hinder many activities and can be... Continue Reading

Demystifying the chiropractic adjustment

What’s that popping sound? Today we are demystifying the chiropractic adjustment. We are going to look at what happens during a chiropractic adjustment and how it can help you! One of the most common questions I hear as a chiropractor is, "What causes that popping sound I sometimes hear during... Continue Reading

3 Brain-Boosting Effects of Exercise

Given that September is brain health awareness month at Naturmend it is a perfect time to discuss the effect of exercise on our brains. We all know that exercise is good for the body- it helps us to stay in shape and keeps our heart, lungs and muscles in optimal condition. But did you ever stop to... Continue Reading

Posture – the foundation of good structural health

Good posture can be undervalued when considering health and fitness goals and yet it is the foundation of good health! As important as eating right, exercising daily and getting a good night’s rest is, without good posture, your body will constantly be working at sub-optimal levels to... Continue Reading

Part 2: Exercises to fire up your glutes!

Firing up your glutes will not only look better, but will also help contribute to less stress on your back, hips and knees, as discussed in (Part 1: Glute Amnesia) So here are a few exercises that you should throw into your workout or use to prep your glutes for your workout. In order to properly... Continue Reading

Guest Blog: Posture- Standing up for your health!

"To live a long, active, energetic life, few things matter more than good posture." -American Journal of Pain Management 1994, 4:36-39   Many of us grew up being told to “sit up straight”, and “don’t slouch”. We KNOW we should have good posture but many of us don’t know how far... Continue Reading