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Paleo & Anti-Inflammatory Coconut Lime Chicken

Cooking with foods that decrease inflammation in the body doesn’t have to be a time-intensive labour. Here’s a few reasons why this recipe is so nourishing: Onions and garlic are rich in sulfur which fuel our innate detoxification pathways and support our main anti-oxidant in our body,... Continue Reading

Recipe: Thai Chicken with Cashew Nuts

I gained the knowledge of this recipe during a day of cooking classes at Noi's kitchen in Thailand. The combination of chicken breast and tofu make this meal filling and high in protein. You can make this sugar free by substituting out the pineapple and raisins for carrots, and not using the... Continue Reading

Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken & Bone Broth

This is one of my all-time favorite slow cooker recipes that I will make quite often in the fall and winter. Not only is it a warming dish for cold, snowy days, it is loaded with health promoting benefits! And using the slow cooker makes this an easy meal, which can be ready by the time you get... Continue Reading

Warming Slow Cooker Chicken Curry Recipe

Slow cooker coconut chicken curry In today’s day and age, finding time to get everything done that we need to in a day can be challenging. Trying to cook nutritious meals for your family just adds one more stress and item to your already overwhelming list. That is where a slow cooker can come... Continue Reading