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2 Ways to Think Your Way to Sleep.

You don’t like lying awake at night worrying about when you will finally fall asleep, or how crappy tomorrow will be if you don’t fall asleep at all. Instead of grabbing those sleeping pills, you can actually think differently to help you sleep better.   “YOU CANNOT FORCE SLEEP, BUT YOU... Continue Reading

How to Get Everything You Want in 2016

Resolutions and the holiday spirit abound around us in this week between Christmas and New Year’s (as well as sugar and turkey comas). As our coma’s start to subside, the typical January 1st questions start popping up. How long did it take for us to forget about last year’s resolutions, and... Continue Reading

Weight Loss for Life

Weight loss seems to be an undying concern. There is often a new weight loss fad and our society is constantly sending us messages telling us what we should look like, with just as many gyms and diets offering to help  us get there. The same individuals might find themselves trying the latest and... Continue Reading

Mental Health Awareness Week: Let’s Talk

This week you may see advertisements and social media filled with mental health facts and stories. October 6 -12 is Mental Health Awareness week in Canada, and October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Even Bell has gotten on board with their “Let’s Talk” campaign, hoping to help reduce stigma... Continue Reading