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Affirmations That Build Resiliency and Confidence

Affirmations are statements we think and live by. Just like our negative thoughts can bring us down, leaving us feeling vulnerable, less than, or in a bad mood. Affirmations build us up, strengthening our resolve and belief in getting through a difficult time or event. I love how Dr. Harra put it... Continue Reading

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Throughout our lifetimes we have likely all been told to "be thankful", and "count your blessings" more times than we can count. If the title of this article sounds hokey to you, I understand, though hold on for one moment, because actually expressing and practicing gratitude can have a significant... Continue Reading

My 3 Favourite Ways to Practice Gratitude

I’ve decided to piggy-back on June’s newsletter article speaking to the effect of gratitude on our health, by sharing my 3 favourite ways of practicing gratitude. 1. A Jar A client shared this idea with me a few years ago, and I have passed along her insight to many others since. Write the... Continue Reading

Social Media Impacts Your Mood

I’ve been a part of and overheard a number of conversations in the past six months about social media in an attitude that feels like ‘keeping up with the Jones’. People see an update by someone and internalize the message, likely without realizing what they are doing or how it impacts their... Continue Reading