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How to Get Everything You Want in 2016

Resolutions and the holiday spirit abound around us in this week between Christmas and New Year’s (as well as sugar and turkey comas). As our coma’s start to subside, the typical January 1st questions start popping up. How long did it take for us to forget about last year’s resolutions, and... Continue Reading

Self Care

Often times we assume caring for ourselves starts and stops at eating well, exercising and taking more baths. While I fully encourage each of these things, there is a lot more to it. Life tends to be full. We have many responsibilities, people, and tasks drawing on our time, attention, and... Continue Reading

Be Kind to Your Mind

We repeatedly hear that we have the ability to determine our own happiness. How can we channel our thought processes to a positive space? Here are 6 ways to help generate positivity in our everyday lives: Be true to yourself. There is nothing that can make you feel worse than constantly having... Continue Reading