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How to recover from an injury

As a former professional soccer player, I have had my fair share of injuries throughout the years. My most recent injury involved my knee - during a fast paced league final. In the last few minutes of the game, I was running full speed and planted to take off in the other direction. I heard a pop... Continue Reading

Prolo what?

Moving your body is good on so many levels. Reduces stress, makes you feel happier, keeps you at a healthy weight, reduces anxiety and depression. Movement is just what our bodies were meant to do. Unfortunately, part of being an active person involves the reality of injury. In Canada in 2010,... Continue Reading

tv and radio are trying to make you fatter

Every year at about this time all you see, hear and read about are people making the big three New Year resolutions more money, quit smoking, and to lose weight. Now, I don't know the success rate of the first two, but as a fitness expert and someone who has helped dozens and dozens of folks lose... Continue Reading

stampede specials

Stampede time! 100 years of stampede probably means everyone is going a little harder this year at the grounds. 10 days of family, fun, smoking hot days, long line ups, mini donuts and beer. Sounds fun, but also sounds like it can be a recipe for disaster if you aren't prepared. Some of our... Continue Reading


What is prolotherapy? Well you can check out our page devoted entirely to prolotherapy here. But lets talk about it in a bit more depth. This therapy gets me pretty excited, because its really very naturopathic. What do I mean by that? Prolotherapy is stimulating the body's own healing response.... Continue Reading