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Oil pulling: 3 easy steps

Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years. It is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that involves swishing a raw organic oil that has bacteria fighting properties through the teeth which will essentially be pulling toxins out of the mouth and into the oil. Not only that, but oil pulling also... Continue Reading

gratitude and heart health

The gratitude attitude is something I always try to encourage people to explore. For some it may sound new age lingo but let’s explore the benefits of gratitude not only on mental health but also physical health.  Most of us can relate to the feeling of joy and love when we practice gratitude... Continue Reading

recipe: rice, kale and sausage breakfast hash

There’s no better way to start your day than with a high protein breakfast! Breakfast can be a little intimidating if you have food sensitivities like I do. I’m allergic to most of the things you would typically eat for breakfast, so I’ve had to get a little creative. This recipe is simple,... Continue Reading

meditation over medication

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind for relaxation, contemplation or to achieve higher states of consciousness. For some people the thought of having to sit down and clear the mind, seems boring or even a waste of time. Some people may even state that it seems a waste of time as you are... Continue Reading

4 ways to battle anxiety & depression

Anxiety and Depression are two of the most common mental health concerns and they have many forms. Fortunately there are so many things you can do in terms of help and support. The first mistake we commonly make is think that we are alone and that nobody has had the same struggles. More than 20%... Continue Reading

The Art of Listening

I remember many things from the beginning of my practice of Naturopathic Medicine but the one thing that continues to stick out in my mind is how after a visit patients would continually comment that it was the first time that they had felt heard and how therapeutic it was. It was a common theme... Continue Reading

how to manage a Christmas birthday

Having a birthday on a holiday can be tough, but if you get creative there are ways to keep both celebrations separate and special. The hard thing about Christmas birthdays is that they pretty much start a month before hand, so trying to squeeze it in before Christmas doesn’t always work out the... Continue Reading

healthy tips for the holidays

The holidays can wreak havoc on many aspects of the human body and psyche. By the time we notice the exhaustion, anxiety, and possible weight gain, it's January, and we try to undo what we could have prevented from the beginning. Try to make this year different by following a few simple guidelines... Continue Reading

Heal Yourself: The 7 best books and movies on natural healing

The path to wellness isn’t always the most paved of roads. There is a lot of information and literature to choose from which can be discouraging. If you’re anything like me, you may not have the time (or the cash) to roll the dice and hope your getting the right information. Wellness is all... Continue Reading