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Why Sleeping is Important For Your Brain

Our brain is an amazing organ and one we seldom think about. The brain is part of our central nervous system and responsible for receiving information, interpreting the information and directing the body in responding to this information. We take for granted the complexities of this amazing organ... Continue Reading

Mindfulness in the Mountains

I was lucky to attend an intensive workshop on mindfulness, accompanied by our Naturmend psychologist, Karyn Zuidhof, last week in Banff. Being in the mountains was a great setting for such a workshop and a good reminder of how busy our lives become without even recognizing it. It is often not... Continue Reading

Re-Evaluate Your Definition Of Self Care

This month we are focusing on the topic of self care, a topic we all know about, and can so easily lose as a priority. The concept seems simple enough; however, it does not get enough of our focus due to a barrage of distractions. Phones, busy schedules, the list can go on. Taking care of outer... Continue Reading

Recipe: Thai Chicken with Cashew Nuts

I gained the knowledge of this recipe during a day of cooking classes at Noi's kitchen in Thailand. The combination of chicken breast and tofu make this meal filling and high in protein. You can make this sugar free by substituting out the pineapple and raisins for carrots, and not using the... Continue Reading

recipe: Dr. Brandy’s effortless raw chocolate

Dr. Brandy James made this indulgent raw chocolate for Naturmend's Open House on June 21st 2014. This recipe is super simple and absolutely heavenly. Furthermore it is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, refined sugar free and nut free (if you so choose).   Ingredients cacao butter cacao... Continue Reading

Rekindling our relationship with nature

Connecting back to our roots With our focus on the environment this month, I thought it would be appropriate to explore our relationship with Nature. Nature has always been a big part of my life and a place I often go for nourishment, to reconnect and for support. As I get older it seems like life... Continue Reading

5 ways to transition into spring

Spring is in the air and with it comes a time of transition into a time of renewal, birth, growth and action. Nature comes alive and awake after a winter of hibernation, which can be a good reflection of our own lives. The words “spring cleaning” is often heard and applying this term to all... Continue Reading