The Power of a Morning Ritual

Too often our morning ritual consists of hitting snooze, looking at our phones, and getting ourselves into a work mindset. But what part of that is designed for us? An orchestrated morning ritual can transform your entire day. 

Over the years, morning ritual has become a staple in keeping me consistent. By following a certain order in the morning, I find it supports keeping my day on the right track. Allowing yourself time to be present before you hurry out the door, can help keep you grounded for what’s ahead. 

A morning ritual does not have to be particular in any specific way, but it does have to feel right for you. If creating a morning ritual sounds appealing to you, check in with what you may need at this time, or habits you’re trying to implement into your life. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Throughout the day do I feel energetic; tired; focused; anxious? 
  • Do I feel inspired in the day? 
  • Do I have peace of mind? 
  • What does my energy feel like throughout the day? 
  • How does my body feel physically in the morning; throughout the day; in the evening? 
  • What is my attitude walking out the door? 
  • What is the first thing I do when I wake up? 

Consider your answers to these questions; how can you go about creating ritual to support your answers in a constructive way?

 Let’s begin with what will make this ritual, a ritual. I would ask you at this point to see ritual as a meditative process. As something that you do with reverence, and as a sacrament of your design. Keep a notepad at the ready, and let’s create this ritual. 

Every day is filled with chatter. Noise will attempt to distract us, whether it’s in our phones, media, outside, or inside ourselves. Your ritual every morning should remind you that you are in control of your day. It is an opportunity to ground yourself, quiet the chatter, and stay consistent. Create your stage for peace in the morning, whether this means at night setting your ritual up, or going through each step as soon as you wake up. Make an agreement with yourself that the phone is not checked until your ritual is complete. You can put your phone on Do Not Disturb before you go to bed the night before. This way as soon as you wake up you are able to move right into your morning ritual without getting sidetracked. 

It’s easy enough to remove the phone noise. But, at this point, you will now need your answers to the above questions to work on that inner noise. How do you support your answers in a meaningful way? What does that look like? In what order do things flow best for you? I will share what my morning ritual consists of having answered these questions for myself. I’d also like to note that to keep me on track, I created my own checklist. If that is something that would help you, write these things down and create something for yourself. 

Wake up: There is no snooze button option. I open my eyes, review my dream thoughts and wiggle around a bit before I hop out of bed.

Set the environment: I light a candle on my altar to signify that my ritual has begun, and then I light an incense as it helps calm my mind. 

Set my mindspace and clear my own energy: Using an energetic device of my choosing I clear my energy and that of the room whether this be through smoke, flower water or sound. 

Meditation/Yin Yoga: I check in with what my body needs that day; if i’m feeling particularly stiff, I do some Yin Yoga. If I’m feeling more anxious, I focus more on Meditation. In either case I end with some mindful thinking and Breathwork.

Shower: At this point I like to have a nice warm shower; I play some music in the background; nothing with words though as I want my own thoughts to flow freely. I end the shower with a quick hot to cold jolt to my system.

Breakfast: Now that I feel clean in body and mind, I direct my attention to fueling my body. Most days I have a bowl of oatmeal or a large helping of fruit. As I prepare and eat, I do my best to maintain my mind towards the food and it’s properties; how it got to me and how grateful I am for each bite. I also take any supplements at this time.

End Ritual: After I clean up from breakfast I return to my altar and take a moment to reflect on what I’d like to invite into my day; I thank myself for showing up, and for all of the elements involved, and now I blow out my central candle to signify the ending of my ritual. 

What you might have gathered from this ritual, is that a lot of it is focused on calming my mind and slowing myself down. The answers to my questions were largely based around anxiety, concentration, and digestion. Your answers will guide you to your own ritual. Keep in mind, this is for you; so when you wake up, check in with yourself. You decide what you need. It’s always good to push yourself to do what’s best for you, but what’s best for you can change day to day. If you need a day off you don’t need to punish yourself, but you do need to remind yourself that you will return to this place. 

I would encourage you to try out different things and try things in different orders to see how it feels. Be curious; be open; be excited about feeling your best optimally. You can set yourself up for success, just do some digging and then do the work. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is, you just need to decide. With that being said, I would invite you to share your own morning ritual and how it has impacted your day to day. 

Lindsay Hardman

What brings me fulfillment is personal growth; getting comfortable being uncomfortable is something I continually strive for. I spend a lot of my time researching and I’m currently training to become an acupuncturist, while also working on my breathwork facilitator training.


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