As We Turn in for Winter, Focus on Relationships.

Relationship is a foundational part of so many aspects of our lives. Whether it is with our parents, partners, siblings, coworkers or friends, relationships truly are the core to our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. That being said, because relationships are so prevalent in our lives we can unconsciously take them for granted. With day to day life taking up a good amount of our mental space, a conscious reset and refocus on the relationships that are so meaningful to us can be grounding and a profound release for the stresses of life.

We mirror what we see and experience. A common way to think of this is the concept that we are most like those we spend time and interact with, so if the people you have relationships with reflect the values, emotions and beliefs that are important to you, this will bring those values, emotions and beliefs out for you as well.

Refocusing and resetting relationships:

  • Listen to what you need – Are you tired? Stressed? Anxious? Fulfilled? Good. Pay attention to where you are at and what you need. The saying of putting on your own breathing mask in a flight emergency before others really does apply. Just by attuning to and doing what you need for yourself, you will be improving the relationships and interactions with every single person you connect with. We show up with our whole selves when we take care of our whole self first.
  • Show the support and love to others that you would appreciate getting yourself – We have a tendency to want to help, fix, and problem solve. All good things, except if they aren’t needed or actually helpful. So many relationships thrive on the ability to be with that person and really listen and hear them. Doing something to help them really does come in second place, and is usually asked for if needed. It cannot be understated how important it can be to relationships to just show up for that person and be with them. You have a relationship with that person for a reason, and just acknowledging that is a way to honor the importance of it to both of you.
  • Use change as an opportunity to grow your relationship – No matter how long or how well you know someone, there is always more to that person that you don’t know. One of the best things about a constantly evolving life, is that it is evolving for everyone. The day to day tends to look similar but having a new conversation, discussing a new topic, asking questions you’ve never asked before or just being more open, honest and vulnerable in relationships can help deepen and broaden any relationship. When in doubt, or just out of curiosity, ask questions.


Christina Sutter, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Christina’s therapeutic approach is centered on building a safe and trusting relationship with her clients as a foundation for effective and lasting changes. The focus is on powerful insights which enable clients find answers within; helping each client to create practical strategies which can be implemented to create meaningful change. You can read more about Christina and book in with her here. 

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