The Scope of Integrative Medicine Today

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine involves amalgamating both Conventional and Naturopathic Medicine (botanical medicine, Asian medicine, injection/intravenous therapy, nutrition, lifestyle medicine), and may also include using other modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology, Chiropractic Medicine, massage therapy and much more.

Our health care system in Canada is progressively moving towards including these additional modalities to help patients complete and tolerate a variety of conventional medical treatments in the fields of oncology (cancer), rheumatology (joints, muscles, ligaments), dermatology (skin), neurology (brain & nerves), psychiatry (mental-emotional), immunology (immune system), cardiology (heart) and much more!

Patients are beginning to seek out integrative medicine earlier on in their lives with the motivation to help prevent themselves from getting to that point of no return. Patients are also seeking out integrative medical care to help them along their health journey with already diagnosed conditions.

When done correctly, integrative medicine can provide a myriad of BENEFITS for patients:

  • Individualized medicine
  • Supporting mental-emotional health along with physical health
  • Patient education (e.g. education on their condition, which integrative treatments to avoid while on certain medications due to interactions, etc.)
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Improve quality of life
  • Focus on “Health care” vs. “Sick care” in patients who are looking for prevention strategies

It is also important to remember that the approach of integrative medicine in active pathological conditions is NOT to avoid or stop conventional medical strategies that have proven their efficacy – but rather, the goal is to help increase sustainability and management of patient compliance with those particular treatments and increase quality of life while undergoing those necessary conventional medical treatments (surgery, prescription medications, etc).


*Please note, that if you are seeking out integrative medical care, that you are seeking help from qualified health care providers.


Nadia Mawji, ND

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