Eating for the Chakras: Nourishing your Crown Chakra

Welcome to my chakra series! Over the next few months, we will be diving in to each of the separate chakra points and discussing how to nourish these powerful energy centers through food and mindful action. This is such an important concept and I often see people in my practice who have deep chakra dysfunctions, which can spiral underlying health issues even further. Many of us have been taught to ignore the deep connection between our spiritual bodies and our physical ailments. I believe that this leaves us vulnerable to lack of true nourishment. I can pinpoint such weaknesses in my clients and we often directly or indirectly work on them through food, but I’m here to share with you simple tips and powerful foods to activate each chakra point. Let’s dive in to the crown chakra!

Name: Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Physical Location: Top of the head or slightly above the head. It can be imagined as a crown sitting on top of the head, hence the chakra name.

Mantra: Om or silence

Color: Often represented as white, gold or clear light. Sometimes can be depicted as a deep purple.

Function: Awareness of high consciousness and what is sacred, ecstasy, bliss, communion, connection with higher consciousness

Parts of the body: Governs the pituitary gland, the pineal gland and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland work together to assist in regulating the endocrine system, so imbalances in this chakra can create wide body imbalances. Because of the physical location to the head, this chakra is associated with the brain and the central nervous system.

Emotions: Connection, bliss, awe, reverence, disconnect, cynicism, apathy, boredom

Weakness in the Crown looks like: You struggle to understand the broader picture and often feel a deep disconnect from yourself, others and the bigger picture of life.  You can be close-minded towards other’s spiritual views. You may have tunnel vision and are obsessed with practical and materialistic matters. You are cynical of others when they express their spiritual views and you struggle with respecting things or spaces others consider sacred. An overactive crown chakra can present as a split from the physical body, which can be extremely dangerous. This can limit spiritual growth and cause distress. Physical symptoms can include nerve pain, neurological disorders, thyroid and pineal gland disorders, insomnia and depression.

Ask yourself:

  • On a scale of one to ten, how connected do I feel to others?
  • On a scale of one to ten, how connected to I feel to the limitless universe?
  • Do I feel directed and supported in the choices I make?
  • Do I feel like I have a solid spiritual ground to stand on?
  • How much beauty do I see around me on a daily basis?
  • What does peace look like to me?
  • Where is a place that I consider sacred? Can I carve out time on a weekly basis to visit that place there?

Foods to nourish the crown chakra: This is a tricky one as the crown chakra is linked to spiritual nourishment, not necessarily physical nourishment. That being said, those feeling a lack of connection to their crown chakra can benefit greatly from a gentle detox protocol and from taking in nourishment from the cleanest and highest quality vegetables and fruits possible. You should focus on a clean, whole-foods based diet that is natural and wholesome. Teas such as peppermint and ginger can help assist in clarity and food should be towards the bland side (no hot peppers here!).

Affirmation: “I know my own spiritual truth and I live in alignment with it on a daily basis. I am constantly connected to my highest self. Every day I am open to divine guidance and love.”

Other healing actions to take:

  • Visualize a bright and brilliant white or purple light diving in from the top of your crown
  • Visualize a white lotus flower opening at the top of your crown
  • Do yoga regularly. This will help you both tap into the flow of things and allow you to learn how to harness your physical and spiritual energy properly.
  • Reiki is extremely effective for utilizing the energy from the crown and opening the flow.
  • Sit in silence. We are bombarded throughout the day with physical assaults on our senses so it can be extremely beneficial to sit in pure delicious silence for a few minutes every day.

What does a balanced crown chakra look like? It feels so good to be you! You live fully and with gratitude. You feel alive and often find yourself noticing the many fantastic synchronicities of the universe. You find comfort in knowing that you are guided and supported and connected. People and positive circumstances are attracted to you on a daily basis. You feel a sense of lightness and love.

Ralitza Alexandrov, C.H.N.C.

As your Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant at Naturmend, I am committed to creating healthy communities. I believe in honouring the unique biochemical individuality of each person who walks through my door and in the amazing benefits of a whole food diet. A healthy body and balanced mind are the cornerstones of a happy existence.

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