Fabulous Locks: Winter Hair Health

Ah, January. The holidays are now behind us, and it’s time to settle in for the rest of the winter season. The combination of a few months of cold, windy temperatures can wreak havoc on our hair. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to take care of our locks during the cold season!

  • Eat plenty of Omega-3s. Omega 3’s can be found in a variety of foods and contain the fats needed to maintain shine in the hair. Add nuts, sardines, salmon and avocados to your daily food rotation and your hair will reap the rewards.
  • Vitamin C can help prevent free radical damage, which can be a contributing factor to split ends. Consider adding plenty of leafy greens and citrus foods to your diet. This will help keep your hair sleek and prevent pesky colds – a double bonus!
  • Dry and itchy scalps is a common complaint in the winter months. You can combat this by giving your scalp a little love and massaging your head with coconut oil before shampooing. This will provide much-needed nourishment (and relief!) to a temperamental scalp by restoring the crucial oil barriers.
  • Wear a hat outside. Honestly, hats in 2019 can be both cute AND useful. Find a hat with a silk lining or sew one in yourself. Wool and other coarse fabrics can cause split ends and dryness. This is especially important for us curly hair folks!


   Ralitza Alexandrov, C.H.N.C.

As your Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant at Naturmend, I am committed to creating healthy communities. I believe in honouring the unique biochemical individuality of each person who walks through my door and in the amazing benefits of a whole food diet. A healthy body and balanced mind are the cornerstones of a happy existence.

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