The Importance of Balance

One of our senior citizens greatest concerns is the fear of falling and suffering a hip fracture or other mobility reducing injury. The prevalence of falls in the elderly is due to a loss of muscle strength and body proprioception (sense of balance).

As we age, most of us realize that we are unable to balance as well as we could when we were children. While it is true that our bodies do lose some adaptability of movement as we age, it is also true that it is relatively easy to maintain good balance with regular practice and use of very simple exercises.

Tools that you will need

  1. Any flat space that is approximately 2’ by 2’ square; wood or tile floor is better than carpet for beginners.
  2. Five minutes of your time.
  3. A wall or sturdy chair that you can touch nearby if needed.

Start by standing on one leg with your eyes open and see how long you can hold your balance before you must put your other leg down or touch the wall. Then switch legs. Gradually increase your time until you can easily stand on one foot for 1 minute on each side. When you are done with this, increase the difficulty by trying it with your eyes closed. *Have a buddy with you if you are concerned about falls when you begin.

That’s it!

Once you’ve reached 1 minute eyes closed, on each side, you can work your way to more fun activities such as yoga poses that require balance, wobble boards etc. The important thing to remember is that good balance is essential to maintain a person’s quality of life as he or she ages and that it only takes a few minutes a day to help keep your balancing skills sharp.

For more ideas or questions about balance and maintaining a healthy body and mind please come and see me at Naturmend and see what Chiropractic can do for you.

Dr. Jennifer Thomas, DC

Dr.Jennifer Thomas’ approach to treatment is one that focuses on each patient’s individual needs.  Techniques practiced include Diversified adjusting, and myofascial soft-tissue techniques. She believes that active patient care is an important component in the achievement of health goals, incorporating exercise and lifestyle counselling in treatment. .


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