What is naturopathic oncology?

What is Naturopathic oncology?

Naturopathic Oncology integrates conventional medical strategies and naturopathic integrative therapies for assessing, treating and managing cancer diagnoses. Integrative Oncology research and its clinical applications to patient cases is already flourishing in hospitals and medical centres across the globe for decades. Germany is on the forefront of incorporating naturopathic and conventional medical approaches to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation, while reducing side effects, prolonging lifespan and increasing overall quality of life. Clinical research enthusiasts come from a variety of backgrounds and include: oncologists, radiologists, naturopathic oncologists and other specialists, depending on the type of cancer being researched.

Benefits of integrative oncology include improved quality of life, reduction in the risk of recurrence, reduction in side effects from chemotherapy and radiation and increased efficacy of cancer treatments. It is also important to note that naturopathic doctors officially trained in Integrative Oncology are sure to not recommend any agents that would reduce the effectiveness of conventional medical therapies.

Naturopathic oncology treatments are also effective in having a direct impact on tumour cells. Targeted therapies such as these can include oral, intravenous and other injection therapies, which can ultimately affect tumour cells at the molecular level. These therapies work on tumours to prevent what we call cell proliferation or growth and some agents can be used to help induce apoptosis or killing of cancer cells.

At Naturmend, as a Naturopathic doctor, I work with oncology patients and their specialists to create an individualized plan that will best suit patients needs. I am capable in providing the following as a part of my treatment approach:

  • Advanced Laboratory Testing: Circulating tumor cells, tumor markers, etc.
  • Intravenous Therapy: High-dose Vitamin C Therapy and much more
  • Oxidative Intravenous Therapy: Ozone Therapy, etc.
  • Chelation Therapy: heavy metal toxicity – not suitable for all patients
  • Mistletoe (Viscum album)Therapy: widely used in Germany and available here in Canada
  • Naturopathic injection Therapy: energy, pain management, etc.
  • Lifestyle Modification: sustainable living for particular types of cancer
  • Oral Therapy: appropriate supplementation
  • Emotional guidance and support

I am here to meet you where your goals take you – be it conventional medical treatments or not, or for prevention of disease – my ultimate purpose is to educate and guide you towards the best individualized and sustainable lifestyle for you.

Stay up to date with my research articles on naturopathic oncology treatments by following my Naturmend blog posts. Interested in learning about naturopathic oncology? Please book an appointment online today or email info@naturmend.com for more information! I also offer free 15 minute consults if you’d like to meet with first before booking an initial appointment.


Dr.Nadia Mawji, ND

Dr. Nadia Mawji values and seeks to find new and emerging therapies and treatments through medical clinical research that can benefit her patients in the best possible way. Her passion lies with helping individuals in prevention, treatment and management of cancer and other chronic immune disease. Her experience involves utilizing the most current and effective oral therapies, combined with targeted intravenous therapies, most current laboratory tests, along with dietary modifications to best target various types of cancer.


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