Demystifying the chiropractic adjustment

What’s that popping sound? Today we are demystifying the chiropractic adjustment. We are going to look at what happens during a chiropractic adjustment and how it can help you!

One of the most common questions I hear as a chiropractor is, “What causes that popping sound I sometimes hear during an adjustment?” This is a question I love answering because it allows me to help put my patients’ minds at ease and gives me the opportunity to explain how an adjustment works and helps them to get better.

Most of the joints in our bodies are surrounded by a fluid filled capsule. Inside the capsule are dissolved gases, just like in a can of soda pop. Over time these gas bubbles can come together forming larger bubbles. Many times when a chiropractor performs and adjustment on a joint those gas bubbles separate into smaller bubbles and make a ‘popping’ sound. However, it is important to remember that just because you don’t hear the pop it doesn’t mean nothing happens; sometimes there is not enough of a bubble to pop, but the joint is still moved.

The purpose of an adjustment is to affect the ligaments and tendons that are attached to a joint. Adjustments are performed very quickly resulting in an almost immediate relaxation of the related muscles and ligaments. This allows the joint to move better and enables you the patient and your chiropractor to work on those areas that need healing. In addition recent studies have indicated that adjustments can stimulate the immune response and release endorphins; the “feel good hormones”!

“So why do I need to be adjusted more than once?” This is also an excellent question! Joints need to be adjusted more than once because our bodies are used to holding themselves in certain positions and will pull themselves back to their old patterns until they are trained to move differently. Frequent adjusting, especially at the beginning of care, helps to correct these old patterns.

Bodies and health issues are as diverse and individual as are people. If you are interested in how Chiropractic care can help you live a healthier life, book a FREE 15 minute meet and greet with me. I look forward to answering your questions.

Dr. Jennifer Thomas, DC

Dr.Jennifer Thomas’ approach to treatment is one that focuses on each patient’s individual needs.  Techniques practiced include Diversified adjusting, and myofascial soft-tissue techniques. She believes that active patient care is an important component in the achievement of health goals, incorporating exercise and lifestyle counselling in treatment.


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