Introducing Mindful Moments

We’re excited to introduce Mindful Moments with Karyn Zuidhof, our Registered Psychologist here at Naturmend. Mindful Moments is a series of featured blog posts on living a more mindful life; one of self-acceptance, truth and authenticity. Each post will focus on owning who you are as an individual, rather than following society’s unrealistic messages and/or expectations.

Karyn’s unique perspective towards life will help bring awareness and light to the cool stuff you’re already doing rather than what you’re maybe not doing. In each post, she brings in her personal and professional experience to help us realize the importance of accepting ourselves for all that we are and all that we are not, encouraging us to live and embrace the best version of ourselves.

Karyn will explore topics such as how saying no really means saying yes to you, living authentically, self-care rituals and more.

You can look forward to reading Karyn’s Mindful Moments blog posts here on Naturmend’s blog and also find her inspirational messages and self-care reminders by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Karyn Zuidhof, Calgary Psychologist

As a Registered Psychologist, I have experience helping people with a variety of concerns including, but not limited to stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, parenting, and relationships. Together, we will use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), and collaborate to find the thoughts and actions creating obstacles in your life, test them out, and combat them to decide if they’re helping or hindering you. Most of all, I want to help you reach your potential, and make the way there a little easier.


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