5 Simple Keys to Optimal Health

It’s very easy to get caught up in the over complicated information on the internet about health and wellness. Having optimal health is actually really simple. You can feel incredibly good, happy and satisfied by sticking to a few key rules. Make these five tips a priority and you’ll never have to worry about sticking to a fad diet or rebuilding your health from a serious illness.

1. Start sleeping more, adequately.

  • Adequate sleep helps our brains, hormones, decreases stress, and helps us maintain a healthy weight. An ideal amount is a full 8 hours, so try to give yourself at least 9 in bed every night – that way you’re sure to score at least 8.

Tips for better sleep:

  • Read before bed (and stop watching TV for 2 hours before bed)
  • Take a shower before bed – this will help regulate body temperature and help you feel relaxed (or a bath with epsom salts)
  • Make your room a little cool – again this will help with regulating body heat
  • Eat a balanced meal for dinner (with lots of complex carbohydrates) and don’t eat for two hours before bed
  • Drink a cup of relaxing tea (chamomile, lemon balm etc)
  • Do not go to bed hungry.

2. Cut out sweetsWhat you need concept, words on blackboard.

  • This includes all chocolate, cakes, pastries – if you have a sugar craving eat some organic protein instead, if you need something else, eat a mandarin orange, an apple, or in the evening have a cup of tea- I suggest Pukka Tea: three cinnamon.


  • Tips for cutting sugar:
    • Have sugar free snacks with you for emergencies
    • Have protein and fat with every meal
    • Eat regularly.
    • For quick sustainable energy have a scoop of coconut oil, in a cup of tea or on a vegetable or fruit. You will feel full and satiated.

3. Drink 2L of clean, filtered water everyday.

  • Add lemon or mint if you need flavor and make an effort to only drink out of glass, ceramic or stainless silver. Find out why here.

4. Eat regularly.

  • Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Stop eating at 8pm and eat protein with breakfast. Read this blog for more info or try this recipe. Make sure your meals are balanced with an emphasis on healthy fats and good quality protein sources.

5. Exercise everyday

  • Even if it’s just a walk. Moving your body will start becoming addicting once it becomes a habit. If this is a challenge for you get a fitbit or a fitness tracker app to help encourage you.

Optimal health doesn’t have to be about shoving a handful of supplements into your mouth or counting carbs meticulously. If you’re able to make these five keys healthy habits then you’ll be well on your way to achieving well being.


Madison Isenor C.H.N.

Madison IsenorMy very first step on the path of being a highly qualified Certified Holistic Nutritionist was, like you, simply realizing that my digestive dysfunction, hormone irregularities and mood ups and downs were hugely influenced by the food I was ingesting. Years of altering my diet, trying everything from allergen free, low-carb, high-protein and so on, spending time and energy learning what worked and what didn’t work gave me the knowledge and expertise that allows me to help you today.

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