Affirmations That Build Resiliency and Confidence

Affirmations are statements we think and live by. Just like our negative thoughts can bring us down, leaving us feeling vulnerable, less than, or in a bad mood. Affirmations build us up, strengthening our resolve and belief in getting through a difficult time or event. I love how Dr. Harra put it in her article (2015) “Affirmations do indeed strengthen us by helping us believe in the potential of an action we desire to manifest. When we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality.”

When I suggest affirmations to patients, it is most often met with dubious eyes. I imagine they are often thinking “if Karyn thinks telling myself I’m okay, or strong, or beautiful, is actually going to make a difference, she’s absolutely nuts”. I admit, it can sound a little far-fetched. However, time and again, I’ve witnessed the changes affirmations can make over time with patients who have embraced the practice. I’ve also noticed changes in myself. At times we don’t seem to have the capacity to deal with the negative beliefs and thoughts before we take the time to build up our resiliency in some way. To help with building confidence and resiliency I like to use affirmations. I’ve been known to write these on my mirror when I am going through a difficult time and need to help myself believe I will make it through.

Some of my favourite affirmations are:

1.       I am strong.iStock_000011294300_Large

2.       I am capable.

3.       I can do difficult things.

4.       I accept myself as I am.

5.       I choose to bring positivity into my life.

6.       I trust myself.

7.       I am in the process of making positive changes in my life.

8.       I will learn from this experience.

9.       I have succeeded before, I can, and will succeed again.

10.     I am courageous.

Feel free to use these affirmations yourself, or adjust and tweak them so they best fit your life and needs. Write your own using the pre-fixes “I can..”, “I am…”, “I will…”, “I have..”. I like to write them on a mirror with a dry erase marker or with sticky notes so I can see myself while I say the affirmations with conviction.

Karyn Zuidhof , Calgary Psychologist

Karyn Zuidhof Naturmend PsychologistKaryn is a Registered Psychologist, who primarily practices from a Cognitive Behavioural perspective. She received training from Dr. David Burns, and loves collaborating with her clients to find the thoughts and actions creating obstacles in their lives, and leading them through steps to test if these thoughts and actions are true and helpful.




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