Vital Smoothie!

Need to make sure you’re getting your vitamin C? Supporting your detoxification pathways? Keeping up your hydration? Do all of this with this busy smoothie as you fend off allergies, cold and flues in the beautiful weather this spring!

How? Blend your fruits / veggies and herbs and take it in as part of your breakfast lunch or dinner or sip on this smoothie throughout the day.

Add the following to the blender and enjoy!DSC_3818

  • 1 grapefruit peeled
  • 1 beet peeled and chopped
  • 2 celery sticks
  • a handful of parsley
  • 1 carrot peeled and chopped

Add ons:

  • add your favorite protein powder to make this a meal replacement or post exercise beverage
  • add some bee propolis to the mix for some added immune support
  • add some fish oils for even more anti inflammation effects.


Why these smoothie ingredients

  • Grapefruit – high in vitamin C needed to modulate histamine, which is important with season allergies as the histamine response is related to itchy watery eyes, runny nose etc.
  • Beet –high in folate that is needed for everything from DNA synthases to the proper energy, histamine and neurotransmitter development (INSERT Meaghans link to folic acid). Also proides betalins that help mange inflmation and modulate detoxification
  • Celery – great source of vitamin K, fiber & antioxidants
  • Parsley– Great components to help detoxification processes in the body, source of Vitamin K and Vitamin C
  • Carrot – loads of Vitamin A which is great for the health and immune function of the epithelia cells (that line your mouth / nose / gastro intestinal tract)


Sarah KentDr. Sarah Kent is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor specializing in your health.  She blends traditional knowledge with current scientific understanding to generate wellness within her patients. She has received specialized training in naturopathic sports medicine, applying the principles and tools of naturopathic care in treating athletes.

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