Self Care

Often times we assume caring for ourselves starts and stops at eating well, exercising and taking more baths. While I fully encourage each of these things, there is a lot more to it. Life tends to be full. We have many responsibilities, people, and tasks drawing on our time, attention, and energy.

If we choose to not be preventative in building up habits and doing things to care for ourselves now, chances are we’ll be forced to later in life. What does it really take to build and continue small ways in which we currently care for ourselves? You are likely already doing some things to care for yourself which you may or may not be recognizing. Think back on the times you felt relaxed, or were able to handle unexpected stress well. What was going on for you at that point? What was the same? Different?



“Self-care is learned, purposeful and continuous” – wikipedia




Attitude plays a big role in how well we care for ourselves, and essentially how we view what we are already doing. Looking back at the past year of my life, the times when I felt most relaxed and dealt with life’s unexpected changes best were the times I was prioritizing taking care of myself. Sometimes it involved connecting with others, or spending time alone, or going for a walk. The biggest piece though, is how I viewed the things I was doing. I started increasing my awareness of how my mind and body were functioning. Did I need more rest? More exercise? And rather than feel guilty about what I wasn’t currently doing, I did my best to acknowledge where I was at and what I needed to move forward, often booking things like walks and baths directly into my calendar, reminding myself to book time just for me goes a long way to how I view myself and the challenges coming my way.

My challenge for you today is first, acknowledge one area you are doing well in taking care of yourself, and second, make one additional plan this week for one way you can take care of yourself. You know yourself best. You know what you need in order to nurture yourself.


 Karyn Zuidhof, MA

Karyn Zuidhof1Karyn customizes her approach to best fit each individual client’s needs, first and foremost striving to provide a comfortable and warm environment, recognizing the important role the therapeutic relationship plays in facilitating the opportunity for change. She has experience helping people with a variety of concerns including, but not limited to stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, parenting, and relationships.


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