Guest Blog: Movement is Medicine – Finding the bounce to your step

It’s that time of year; a change in the air and reclaiming routine, fall is upon us. Movement is medicine for not only the body, but the heart, mind, and spirit. Are you ready for a fresh start? In a season of new beginnings now is a great time to TAKE ACTION and GET MOVING! I invite you to think about movement beyond the obvious of making time for daily exercise or activity, I invite you to think bigger, embrace movement in all aspects of your life and decide for yourself where you wish to move, grow, and expand as an individual.

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Compelling vision

Create a compelling vision for yourself, what would you like to attract into you’re your life? Write it down. Get excited and make this vision desirable.


No need to over complicate, get clear on what exactly it is your wish to pursue and move towards, whether it’s a new fitness goal, trying a new activity, or career change.


Where you are now, and where do you wish to go? Check back in with your priorities in all respects, re-evaluate how your spend your time and energy and who with, then decide for yourself what needs to change in order to move towards a more compelling future. What has been distracting you from going after what you want and taking that risk you’ve contemplated but perhaps failed to take action on? Clear space, as you let go of what is no longer serving you, you create space for new opportunity.


It’s all about follow through. Take the first step! Now that you have taken time to reflect, re-evaluate, and create that compelling vision, it time to commit to it. Taking the first step can often be the hardest part, which is why breaking it down into small attainable steps is critical. Once you have written down that vision, it’s time to set your schedule, evaluate where you can create space and then commit to it. Start small; it can be as simple as having a focus for each week.


Heather Jackson

image001Heather began teaching yoga in 2008, while attending university. Completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion at Dalhousie University, she was interested in combining her academic knowledge with therapeutic yoga to serve individuals that may not have access to yoga, including clinical populations and underserved communities.Heather currently teaches Yoga Thrive a research based therapeutic yoga program for cancer survivor’s, adults and children at Wellspring Calgary. In 2012, Heather started her own business offering therapeutic yoga, teaching in studio settings, to corporate, and extending her reach to community based organizations.For more information on Heather Jackson’s yoga therapy offerings visit

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